Reasons for tripping of asphalt mixer Vibrating Screen

V. Additive batching station, wind conveyor, mixer
Emulsified Asphalt Device production line is combined with foreign advanced technology and data, into China's current emulsified asphalt technology development needs of independent development and production.
At the same time also the production of XL-15 type rubber modified asphalt automatic production equipment.
The emulsion tester and emulsified asphalt production line overcome the characteristics of refractory modified asphalt with high SBS content, and have the characteristics of advanced technology, high degree of automation and simple operation.

The surface of the oil slick on the asphalt surface is because there are more bubbles produced by the emulsification process, and the bubble ruptures and remains on the surface, forming the surface of the oil slick.
If the surface of the oil slick is not very thick, stir before use can dissolve, if the latter words need to be added to the appropriate defoamer or slow stirring, etc., can be eliminated.

Asphalt mixing station under the action of drying materials, the equipment will appear violent tremors occurred, which will directly lead to the gap between the wheel and rail and the wheel adjustment of the situation occurred, or the two sides of the position of the deviation of the situation, Therefore, the operator needs to add grease to the position of the surface contact between the wheel and the school wheel rail after the daily operation.

Remove the eccentric block, start the vibrating screen, the ammeter is displayed as 15A, fix the magnetic table seat on the Vibrating screen box board, use the needle to check the radial beat of the shaft end, and measure the maximum radial beat amount of 3.
5mm; The maximum elliptic degree of the bearing inner diameter is 0.
Replace the vibrating screen bearing, install the eccentric block, restart the vibrating screen, the ammeter indication is normal value (10A).
Tripping is no longer possible.

The use of emulsified asphalt produced by asphalt mixing equipment is very extensive, but there is a precipitation phenomenon in the process of storage, which is normal phenomenon? What causes this phenomenon to occur?

In fact, it is very normal for bitumen to precipitate during existence, and this is not treated as long as the requirements are met.
However, if it does not match the requirements of use, oil and water separation can be used to deal with it.
Asphalt will have precipitation, because the density of water fragrance is relatively small, so that the emergence of stratification phenomenon.

Asphalt Mixer Vibration Sieve appears: no-load operation tripping, again start the phenomenon of tripping again.
After replacing the new thermal relay, the fault persists.
Check contactor, motor interphase resistance, grounding resistance, interphase voltage, etc., did not find the problem; Remove the transmission tape, start the vibrating screen, the ammeter indication is normal value (10A), no-load Operation 30min also has no problem tripping phenomenon, indicating that the fault is not in the electrical part.
After loading the composite drive tape, restart the vibrating screen, found that the eccentric block beat more violently.

Asphalt Mixing Plant disassembly is a relatively large and complex process, equipment before disassembly needs to be based on its location and the actual situation to develop a plan can be implemented, and then all the disassembly personnel need to carry out a comprehensive technical and safety exchange, equipment before disassembly needs to do a good job of equipment accessories and appearance of the inspection registration record work.

Installation needs to be mapped out the asphalt mixing station mutual location map, so that in the installation of convenient to the staff for reference, asphalt mixing station in the disassembly of all the cables and wires are not allowed to cut, the equipment inside the internal and external line number and terminal plate number after confirmation that there is no error can be disassembled, Otherwise, you will need to adjust the identification of the line number.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant mixing Station development prospects are very good, the market product competition is also very fierce, equipment in the use of often when the wheel and wheel and rail wear uneven situation occurs, and sometimes will emit some noise and gnawing edge situation, The main reason for its formation is that the asphalt mixing station has been rubbed under the action of high temperature and between the bracket and the wheel and rail after a period of work.

China's asphalt mixture mixing equipment enterprises in order to maintain competitive advantage, it is necessary to comply with the industry's large development trend at the same time, and constantly improve their own technical level, product quality, pay attention to brand building, establish a suitable sales channel for themselves.
The main trends of future industry to product and technology development include: the development of large asphalt mixing equipment, R d Energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and waste asphalt mixture recycling equipment, attention to product automation, intelligent control technology, supporting parts, especially key components of independent research and development and manufacturing.