Technical parameters of asphalt mixing equipment


8, solenoid valve: Also known as electromagnetic commutator valve, Chongqing asphalt Concrete Mixing station by changing the direction of high-pressure gas to promote the piston movement in the cylinder.

Then, you need to do the cleaning work.
According to the above situation, first choose the appropriate washing items, the use of low-temperature water for cleaning, to maintain uniform water flow, moderate strength, can not cause damage to the asphalt mixing station dust filter bag.
Then, sequentially, the order is drying, repair and testing to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements.


The optimum temperature for the mixing, transport, laying and compaction of asphalt pavement depends on the hardness (viscosity) of the asphalt, the time and length of transport to the project site and when it is compacted.

At the same time, the control system of asphalt mixing station can also achieve automatic weighing, automatic buckle and automatic adjustment of batching parameters, improve the accuracy of ingredients.
Coupled with its automatic continuous production function, the actual production efficiency of the mixing station has been greatly improved.

After a long period of use, then in order to continue the work of the asphalt mixing station, it is necessary to clean the dust filter bag.
Because the dust filter bag is a very important part of the bag dust collector, its ventilation performance is good, high dust removal efficiency, and has a certain acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance, weaving process using multilateral velvet, improve the fabric thickness, full of elasticity, so the dust removal effect is very good, and its service life is generally four to six times times the glass fiber fabric , so it is very important for its cleaning work.

Asphalt mixing station control system in the hardware configuration is also very scientific, reasonable selection, adhere to the principle of global procurement, international brand products as the main selection range, so that the overall stability of the system, powerful, easy to operate.

Again to see is the asphalt mixing station control system software aspects, not only has the automatic moisture content conversion function, but also can bulk total disk number and disc volume can be automatically converted, thus helping to reduce the workload and the possibility of misoperation.

Asphalt Mixing plant mainly includes batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibration sieve, hot material storage warehouse, weighing stirring system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished warehouse and control system and other parts, control system on the core, it manipulator all the action of the Asphalt mixing station.

In addition to the basic, the asphalt mixing plant control system has a lot of advanced functions, due to the use of industrial control computers, I/O acquisition and high-precision weighing systems, so according to the asphalt production process and quality requirements, through the control software to achieve automatic control of data acquisition and production, and real-time recording of production data information, Use data management to query/print multiple production reports.

Asphalt Mixing Plants mixing station equipment in operation, the construction site will often produce a lot of dust, therefore, it is necessary to be equipped with the corresponding dust removal equipment.
Generally used is bag type dust collector, its dust filter bag is an effective dust filter material, with good ventilation performance, high dust removal efficiency, and has a certain degree of acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance.

First of all, due to the actual situation, in order to ensure the effect of cleaning before the cleaning work, we need to first carry out chemical experiment treatment, the main step is to extract the bag sample, the use of professional equipment testing to detect the oil content of the filter bag, according Without any harm to it.

Secondly, for its surface is relatively easy to remove the dirt can first be removed by high-frequency vibration, so that the first into the wall of the filter bag to remove the larger dirt impurities, and the fiber entanglement fastness has no effect, to maintain the asphalt mixing station dust filter bag performance, dirt easy stripping.
Then, select the appropriate chemical preparation to soak the filter bag, the filter bag gap inside the oil stains dirt removal, to maximize the ventilation performance of the filter bag.