Fault analysis of commutator valve of asphalt mixer

Asphalt mixture Mixing Equipment
1. Cold Hopper
2, aggregate Conveyor
3, the feeding conveyor
4, Drying drum
5. Burner
6. Primary worm gear Precipitator
7, two class bag dust collector
8, cold air valve
9. Wind turbine
10. Stone Hoist
11. Vibration Sieve
12, hot aggregate storage warehouse
13. Metering System
14. Mixing Cylinder
15, mineral powder storage tank
16. Waste Powder Storage tank
17. Finished Warehouse
18. Scrap Bucket
19. Operating Room
20. High Temperature tank
21, heat conduction oil furnace
Vibrating screen: The use of double motor vibration, so that the entire vibrating screen force uniformity, screening area is large, high efficiency, complete screening.

Optimization and alteration of the existing fuel system, the main direction of which is heavy oil supply tubing Road and the addition of heavy oil tank.
The first is the fuel addition section, which has two pneumatic three-valve valves, if you can change to automatically switch heavy oil and diesel, will effectively reduce energy consumption.

Hoist to drive the role of the conveyor system is to transport the finished material, its operation in the process of the motor is basically always in high-pressure operation, causing an increase in the current, power consumption is bound to be larger.
But when parking, it will produce a large impact because of the speed, this process will cause the waste of electrical energy.
Therefore, in the hoist drive conveyor system to introduce frequency conversion CNC technology, in the whole operation process to start low frequency, high frequency during transport, braking when the frequency of three modes of conversion, correction of the entire high-pressure operation mode, can effectively reduce power consumption.

Because there has not been too much attention to the asphalt mixer in the commutator valve, so that the current failure of the device and helpless, in fact, the failure of the commutator valve is not very complex, as long as a little understanding of it, certainly know how to deal with it?

To ensure the mixing level, the screen selection should be as close as possible to the grade control sieve hole size, such as: 4.
2mm and so on.
Considering that the screen of the mixing building has a certain inclination, the size of the sieve hole should be scaled up.

Burner: Procurement of special imported automatic low-noise burner, adjustment ratio of 1:7, the use of hot oil insulation.
Improve the accuracy of stone temperature control, improve thermal efficiency and broaden the range of fuel use (can burn heavy oil, diesel) to reduce production costs.

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The content of the assessment should have the following security system, the task of the work, whether the equipment operation mode is safe, the internal security facilities have not been well maintained and so on.

1) stabilize the source of the material.
The author's production practice over the years has realized that the stability of the source is the key to the discharge control.
Graded gravel instability, resulting in mixing building a certain level of granular material or shortage or surplus.
Only when the source is stable, the mixing building can control the mixing grade stably, and then adjust the flow rate of the mixing building under the condition of ensuring the grading, so that the supply of cold material and the demand of heat material reach the balance in a short time.
Otherwise, the source is unstable, a certain supply balance can not be maintained for a long time, from one supply balance to another supply balance needs a period of adjustment, hot water boiler model in the short term can not achieve the supply balance, resulting in overflow.
Therefore, to control the overflow, material source stability is the key.

When the asphalt mixer is running for a long time, its commutator valve is prone to the phenomenon of valve core seal ring wear, stem and seat damage, which leads to gas leakage in the valve.
At this point, the correct and effective way to respond is to replace the seal ring, stem and seat, or directly replace the commutator valve, so as to overcome the leakage problem.

Asphalt mixing station in the course of operation to have operators to operate, requiring employees have received the post of professional training in the relevant technology, and passed the qualification examination and obtained the operation Certificate of the equipment.

2) Reasonable selection of hot silo sieve mesh.
The choice of screen should grasp two principles: ① to ensure that the mixture grade; ② to ensure that the mixing building as little overflow as possible.